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You know it all too well. The party is well under way and you are having the time of your life on the dance floor. Suddenly somebody cuts off your favorite song and puts on some awfull trashmetal instead. 



DanceRobot puts an end to this horror!

The robot will allow you to vote for your favorite songs. It will keep track of which songs are the most popular and play them first. It will never, ever cut of a song and never ever deviate from it's ultra democratic priciples.


I am a guest at a party

You will recieve a certain amout of available votes. In DanceRobot you can search using Artist, Album or Song name and DanceRobot will search in Spotify for your songs. After a moment the findings will be displayed. Next to each found item a Vote button is shown and when you click this you will submit a vote for that particular song. Also your available votes will be subtracted by one. When you run out of votes a lockdown will start. After this your votes will be refreshed.




I am hosting a party

You will be promted to input certain informations. Name of your DanceRobot session, Vote count and Lockdown time. Also you will need to specify a Spotify playlist to use if the playlist ever runs out.

When clicking the below button you will be redirected to Spotify's login screen. Here you must use your own Spotify credentials. You will only need to do this once. After successfully loggin in you will be navigated to the DanceRobot Player. If some items are in the playlist they will be played and if none the default playlist will be played.